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February 14, 2013
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We all have our kinks.

Some of us like to do it with the lights off. Some with the lights on. There are badge bunnies, and those that only bang celebrities. While I'd like to think I'm different than all the rest, there are too many demigods running around for that to be true. Of course, I am a bit of a rarity in these monotheistic modern times.

I only have sex with gods. And, yes, I mean exactly what I said.

So now you're thinking I must have the kind of body that turns a sane man mad, and leads a mad man to salvation. What a load of crap. My body is pretty mediocre, lumpy in all the wrong places. And I could stand to spend a few years at the gym. And, guess what, this face of mine won't be launching a dinghy, let alone a thousand ships.

But what I do have is this hunger--for fucking. I fuck like life is worth living. I fuck like I could die tomorrow. I fuck like I'm on my last breath.

Gods, well...gods love fucking. It is the only thing that reminds them that creating us was worth it. Sure, there's art and science and the quest for figuring out what It's all about or some shit like that. But gods have been there, though. And it gets boring after a few millennia--so they tell me.

What doesn't get boring is fucking with meaning. Fucking the life from our fragile little bodies. Fucking as our cells cycle their last cycle, as our heart beats slow and stop.

Of course, gods never stick around after that first, fucking night. Never stay nine months to see the birth of nymphs and heroes. I've learned the fun way that human contraception doesn't stand a chance against gods. Doesn't bother me though. I've read the myths, and I will not let gods muck about my family's lives. And my children will not go anywhere near their vain, paranoid, and bloodthirsty fathers. Also, those god genes really result in some great boys and girls. I take immense pleasure in collecting those "my kid is better than your kid" bumper stickers every year. And my youngest has a knack for finding loose change.

My nosy neighbors think I must be some sort of Mother Theresa, in order to have "adopted" so many children: I have nine. I wonder that if I gave them the right names, those idiots next door could see the gods in my kids' disparate faces like I do.

I met most of their fathers in Europe and the Greek islands. One in Reno. But I think the next time I leave the kids with my parents for my annual vacation, I might head to India.

I've never been.
Not a flash story. Just a point of view.
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