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Eater of Blades
Eater of blades
break my bones
with moonstone
teeth, smooth
and archaic
as underground
I decompose
to layers
of silt within
the morass
of your dark
throat, swallow
my selves
to touch
your stomachs,
cherish my eyes:
delicacies rich
with minerals
allow this
lost voice
to flow through
your forgiving
bowels, to gasp
for freedom
as silent
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Mature content
Pantheon :iconmreid973:mreid973 131 38
Mature content
Birds Nested In Her Hair :iconmreid973:mreid973 4 6
Mature content
A Year of Six-Word Stories :iconmreid973:mreid973 2 4
Mature content
Half Empty :iconmreid973:mreid973 1 2
Beast Among Men
Beauty transformed me.
I feel…neutered.
:iconmreid973:mreid973 2 0
Four Six-Word Stories: Cycles
Smile: white teeth mask your soul.
His soul lies.  She eats slivers.
Conception. Life. Death. Enucleation. Clone. Life?
One day: she needed no one.
:iconmreid973:mreid973 2 0
Mature content
Haikuthon June 2011 :iconmreid973:mreid973 9 44
Mature content
Of Age :iconmreid973:mreid973 5 1
melancholy of spring
At 2 A.M. I want to capture the mystery: the geometric shades of gray that overlap and cross into my mind's wanderings.  I stare at the bedroom ceiling; my heart beats steadily, insistent beneath the whirring of the air conditioner.  "Remember this feeling," my body says.  "Remember it on Monday morning, when you struggle to stay awake."
But I will soon forget the tension in the thrilling tingle that slides down my forearms.  The afterimage of my laptop screen sizzles behind my eyelids—but that will be lost, too.  These words mean nothing.  Soon I will fall asleep and have vivid dreams about people who know my name.
sweaty sheets
the melancholy of spring
:iconmreid973:mreid973 10 11
Mature content
Alphabet Jacks :iconmreid973:mreid973 1 3
Mature content
Altar :iconmreid973:mreid973 10 10
Mature content
MMDRPG :iconmreid973:mreid973 1 0
Fetal Position
If I leave
I'll die.
:iconmreid973:mreid973 1 3
Mature content
Hello, Insert Jackanape :iconmreid973:mreid973 11 19
Seven Six-Word Stories
10: "Honk"
My fair standby statue: green eyesore.
11: "Least Resistance"
Our thoughts cross over coffee: sparks.
12: "Chicken"
After achy-shaky workweeks, fevered Sundays.
13: "Fatigue"
Choose to strive/succeed--or sleep.
14: "Barking"
Hello! Man! Love! Peed on you.
cloud watching
started the shivers--
16: "Three-Four-Five"
Once, I stopped counting my failures.
:iconmreid973:mreid973 1 0

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"Somewhere" By warzonestoic
Simple but full of emotion and meaning. The use
of enjambememt is a metaphor of what "somewhere" may
mean for some people. The lexis used is very emotive
and dramatic. Well done.
suggested by: pandimoniumasian
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“Heaven and Her Stars” by vertigoevie
The ending to "Heaven and Her Stars," is very
optimistic. I am reminded of the mere fact that I can
be in charge of the pain of receive. I can make things
better. I love how vertigoevie bolds the 'I' in
the last stanza, making it stand out.
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"I Will Always Love You" by crazyamy93
If you want somebody to love you,
to protect you, to care for you,
you might forget how much energy you're
taking out of them. This poem proves that
everybody is weak at one point in their lives.
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“Maybe I Should Puke” by GemiDonnie
This poem is a heart wrenching, emotional
and poignant expression of difficulty and confusion.  
Every line erupts and takes the reader on a
roller coaster they may find painfully familiar.
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“Leaves” by Shards-of-memorie
Cibbwin brought this piece to the forefront. In his journal, he states "you all MUST read this poem. It is by Shards-of-memorie and it's beautiful. It's so evocative. It's called "Leaves," and it's about the futility of trying to banish memories." Shards-of-memorie does an excellent job of transforming troubled memories into the imagery of leaves rustling about. I agree with Cibbwin it is a must read.
suggested by AlecBell
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"the very first dance" by Solaces
I know I am in for a treat when :
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Hello stranger-friends/friend-strangers/others,

So I am at one of those points in life where: 1) the world is your oyster, and 2) you need to find a job. This means I will continue to be (mostly) MIA from dA. As usual, I do read messages. Please link anything you would like me to read. 

I have not been writing--in the creative sense, but in the work/academic sense it is constant--though I do have a few decent story ideas I hope to put into words over the next few months. I would also like to edit a couple pieces to send out for publication, but I am not sure where to go with them at the moment. This also means no NaNoWriMo for me; let me know if you are plugging along at your novel! My nascent novel idea still sits in my head, but it is rather stale when it comes to fitting into a market that is supersaturated with similar works within the genre. 

I will leave you with a quote from one of my favourite writers (and books), just to brighten things up:

"Om began to feel the acute depression that steals over every realist in the presence of an optimist." --Terry Pratchett, Small Gods.

Hope you are well, and things are good or interesting or both. 


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M. Reid
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I value all comments and critiques; I am open to suggestions on anything I have posted.

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